Whether you're hosting clients, having a team lunch, or just looking for a new lunch spot in the CBD, Sean's new $25 lunch menu combines flavoursome, locally sourced dishes with great value.

Available Monday - Friday

With classic Sean's dishes like the Orgy of Mushrooms and the Dry-Aged Burger, this menu is sure to impress your friends, colleagues or clients. Vegan and gluten free options available!


Orgy of Mushrooms (vegetarian)

Ricotta gnocchi

Dry Aged Burger (gluten free option/dairy free option)

House pickles, chipotle mayo, duck fat chips

Pork Belly Roll (gluten free option/dairy free option)

Jamon, watercress, red onion, miso dressing, aioli, duck fat chips

Fish & Chips

Mushy peas, lemon, tartare

Hanger Steak (dairy free/gluten free)

Chips and gravy

Chicken Linguine (dairy free/gluten free option/vegan option)

Tomato, olive, basil

Terms & Conditions

Menu subject to change. Only valid for groups of up to 12 people.