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Patty's Philosophy

At Patty Mac’s, we’re here to serve you day and night. The food is good, the coffee unlimited. And there’s pie. Always pie. Come on in, sit right down and fill your boots with the kind of comfort that brings childhood dreams rushing back.

What does Patty recommend? Start with coffee, follow it with a classic of all classics cheeseburger and end with pie.

All your favourites

Folks come from all over to chow down at Patty Mac's where you can get anything to satisfy your craving. If you aren't in the mood for burgers, then how about a classic spaghetti bolognaise or helping of buffalo wings? If you're looking to whet your whistle we've got American sodas, imported beer and spirits to help loosen your tongue (and hips when the music's playing).

Good choices shouldn't be hard

That's why we're making it easy. Grab Patty's famous original burger with fries and wash it down with a pint of Great Northern's super crisp easy drinking lager for $20.... every day of the week.

Opening Hours

11:00am – 8:30pm Sunday to Thursday

11:00am – 11:00pm Friday and Saturday

Closed Christmas Day