Vegans and vegetarians rejoice, Madame has a menu just for you.

From the aromatic Szechuan tofu lettuce cup to the naturally sweet Che dua sago sorbet this menu is bursting with the French-Vietnamese fusion that Madame Hanoi is known for. 

If choosing between all the delicious dishes proves too tricky, sit back and enjoy a vegan banquet, which features a number of specially designed dishes to tantalise your taste buds. Minimum 2 guests, $60pp. 


The refreshing 'Goi Xoai Du Du' salad with green mango, papaya, peanuts, coriander, chilli, lime and carrot.


The 'Ca Ri Chay' Vietnamese style vegetable curry is a must try due to its delicious simplicity.


The 'Che Dua Sago' is like no dessert you've had before as the delicious flavours develop with each mouthful.

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