Make the CHANGE to EZYplay today and enjoy the benefits! 

EZYplay is the most secure and convenient way to game, no need to worry about handling dirty coins or having to cash out when moving Gaming Machines. With EZYplay you transfer money onto your Premier Rewards card, or EZYplay Card and use that to play!

Top up your card at any EZYplay terminal or cashier, pop a pin on it for security and you’re ready to go! Ask any of our friendly staff how to make the CHANGE to EZYplay today!

Remember when you play with your Premier Rewards card you are also earning points, point earnings help you move up the tiers, which can gain you access to VIP experiences fabulous gifts events and promotions, plus you can use points for play or to purchase meals. For more detail about Premier Rewards click here


Why make the CHANGE to EZYplay?

  • It’s Secure, all Premier Rewards cards have a 4 digit pin
  • If you lose your card there is no need to worry. We can replace it and it will still have all your credits on it
  • No need to carry around cups of heavy dirty coins
  • No need to cash out moving from machines
  • You don’t need to wait around for a jackpot pay out, just take your card directly to a cashier or EZYplay terminal for an instant payout!

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