Make the switch to EZYplay and enjoy the freedom of no more coins when gaming.

EZYplay is the most secure and convenient way to game, no need to worry about handling coins or cashing out when moving between machines. Simply use your existing Premier Rewards card or pick up an EZYplay Guest Card.

Here's how:

  1. Load funds onto your card at an EZYplay terminal or cashier
  2. Play at any gaming machine by inserting your card
  3. Cash out when you're ready at an EZYplay terminal

For added security, you can also add a pin to your card.

Why make the switch to EZYplay?

  • It’s secure, all Premier Rewards cards have a 4 digit pin
  • If you lose your card there is no need to worry. We can replace it and it will still have all your credits on it
  • No need to carry around cups of coins
  • No need to cash out moving from machines
  • You don’t need to wait around for a jackpot pay out, just take your card directly to a cashier or EZYplay terminal for an instant payout!