At Adelaide Casino, we are committed to doing the best for the environment.

Outlined below are some key statistics from the improvements we have made to operating our business over the past few years, and we are always looking for ways to reduce our emissions and help the planet. 


Adelaide Casino has improved its energy efficiency and has reduced its impact on the environment in a number of ways and continues to look at energy-saving initiatives.

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Adelaide Casino has implemented a number of strategies to reduce its electricity and energy use. The list below outlines just some of the key initiatives that have made a significant difference to its electricity consumption.

  • 2002 - External energy audit performed which raised initiatives for overall reduction in costs
  • 2003 - Installed power factor correction units to reduce losses on the main power supply
  • 2004 - Installation of auto transformers for fluorescent lighting loads, this reduced consumption by 20%
  • 2005 - Installed a new, high efficiency chiller set for the air conditioning plant
  • 2007 - Retrofit of an existing low load chiller set
  • 2008 - Retrofit of a second low load chiller set
  • 2008 - Promoted the Enviro Saver Program, a Government initiative that supplied free energy-efficient light globes for all homes and businesses, internally to all staff
  • 2009 - Replacement of pneumatic controllers with electric to achieve tighter control of the air conditioning plant, expected 25% saving.
  • 2010 - Installation of LED lighting in the creation of the Marble Hall table gaming area complete with a bar with a feature chandelier
  • 2012 - Initiated and completed a capital project to replace inefficient lighting with LED technology
  • 2013 - Installation of new energy efficient hand dryers in all toilet
  • 2014 - LED lighting used in the refurbishment of gaming areas, restaurants and the creating of new spaces
  • 2014 - Introduction of UVC emitters on all air hander units to improve air quality and operational efficiency.

Note, our total electricity consumption today is 1.35% lower than in 2006.


Adelaide Casino continues to look at initiatives to reduce water consumption. A number of initiatives have contributed to water saving including:

  • 2003 - External water audit performed
  • 2004 - Installation of aqua lock valves (flow restrictors) in all toilet and kitchen facilities
  • 2005 - While building Southside, we incorporated water saving devices into all services
  • 2009 - Installed water saving devices in back of house urinals, reducing water usage by 96 per cent
  • 2012 - Replacement of all tapeware throughout the building incorporating flow restricting devices
  • 2014 - Refurbishment of FOH toilets incorporating sensor operated tapeware and automatic flush devices

Note, our daily water consumption for the period April-June 2014 compared to the same period in 2015 is 7% lower. This equates to 90 kilolitres per day saving.


Adelaide Casino has played an active part in reducing its waste.

By diverting recyclable materials from waste to landfill streams our business has significantly reduced the use of natural resources, the consumption of energy and GHG emissions.

Our currently monthly saving equates to 15.9 tonnes of GHG emissions. For the 2014-2015 periods, we reduced our emissions by the equivalent of 37 barrels of oil or keeping 3.46 cars off the road for one year.

In 2014/15 we recycled the following quantities:

  • Cardboard 36.2 tonnes
  • Paper products 17.9 tonnes

Other streams of recycling include:

  • Glass, cans and plastic bottles (PowerAde milk etc)
  • Oil from deep fryers and excess oil/fats from cooking processes